About us

Watlington Pre-School has been running from its convenient and central location since it opened in 1968, and has nurtured generations of local children. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which your child’s confidence and independence can grow.  We see parents as partners in helping each child to fulfil their potential, and in helping to support and shape the services we offer.

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As part of our place in the heart of the community, we often have local visitors such as firefighters, farmers and others with local stories and activities to share with the children. We also run a number of school events and trips throughout the year, including visits to see lambing and to the fire station as well as the sports day, harvest festival and a nativity play. These are not only good opportunities for new learning experiences but also a great way for parents and staff to meet up.

“Children demonstrate very close relationships with staff and their peers.  They enjoy each other’s company, frequently laughing and sharing jokes” (Ofsted Report, January 2015)