September 2016

Oh my goodness, where did the summer go?
We hope you had an enjoyable break and managed to find some time to relax and recharge those batteries.

We are delighted to welcome four new children this term – Scarlett, Libby Ada and Albert. All of the children seemed particularly excited to be joining pre-school and already look quite settled in the pre-school environment. Scarlett and Libby join Mrs Priddle, Mrs Spicer and Red Group, and Ada and Albert, Yellow Group, Mrs White and Mrs Roose.

Planning – Autumn Term
Over the next few weeks the children will be learning about Harvest; gathering fruit from the trees in the pre-school garden and baking pies, puffs and crumbles. The Reverend Adam Stevenson has kindly offered to host our Harvest celebrations on Thursday 22nd September, when we hope you and your family will join us for the service in the chapel and refreshments afterwards in the Community Room. As in previous years, we will be collecting non-perishable food items and toiletries to donate to the ‘Steppin Stone’ Centre in Oxford and would be very grateful for your donations.

After the half term holiday our attentions will turn to Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. The children will be using recyclable materials to create fireworks and learning about fire safety. We will also be exploring some of the customs associated with Remembrance Sunday. Before we know it, we’ll be up to our elbows in glitter and tinsel and rehearsing for the Christmas Nativity Service. Here’s hoping the children don’t peek too soon and crash before the Christmas Party!

Weekly planning
Each Monday a copy of our weekly plan will be posted on the Parents’ Notice Board. If you would like to help out with an activity or have a particular skill or talent you would like to share with the children please don’t be shy! The children benefit hugely from seeing parents and staff working together, and an extra pair of hands in the setting is always welcomed.

Learning Journals
Over the coming weeks and months staff will be recording your child’s progress and achievements in their ‘Learning Journal’. The journal will include annotated photographs, learning stories and samples of your child’s work and will represent an important link between the pre-school and home environment.

If your child is new to the setting we would be really grateful if you could send a small selection of family photos into pre-school; this will help us get to know your child better. Don’t forget to include photos of you and your partner and special family pets too.

Hopefully, we have a few more weeks before the weather turns. During the autumn/ winter months the pre-school garden can get quite boggy so please make sure your child has a pair of wellies and change of clothes at pre-school, in addition to spare pants or nappies, and wipes.

Pigeon holes
Each child at pre-school has a pigeon hole where they can store small personal items. We ask that you check your child’s pigeon hole at collection times for pre-school correspondence and art work. Official notices such as diary/ term dates and other information will be posted on the Parents’ Notice Board.

Packed Lunches
A packed lunch can make a valuable contribution to a child’s diet and future health. Please ensure your child’s lunchbox contains a well-balanced variety of foods so that they get all the nutrients they need.

We request that no nuts or nut products come into pre-school in packed lunches and that cherry tomatoes and grapes are cut in half to prevent choking.

Check out the NHS website for more information on healthy lunches at:

Paper and junk modelling
We are always grateful for donations of paper and recyclable materials for the art and craft area – the more interesting these are the better! However, please make sure that food packaging is clean and does not present a health risk, in particular yoghurt pots and Activia bottles.

Wish list
Donations of tissues, loo rolls, baby wipes (for sensitive skin) and biscuits are always welcomed. The more donations we receive, the more money we will have to develop the lovely pre-school environment, and replenish resources.

Watlington Pre-school Management Committee
Our next committee meeting is this coming Tuesday, 13th September at 8:00pm (at Pre-school). All parents are invited. Come along and meet the new committee and find out how you can support Pre-school.

Best wishes for the term ahead,
Sue, Saskia, Kim, Rachel and Hazel